About Me



My name is Kim and I live in Lansing, Michigan. I live with my girlfriend and our fat pug Josephine. I’m in my 30s. I teach at a university. I was born in the Philippines and lived there until 2005. My first language is Filipino, but I write in English.

I have more interests than there are hours in the day. I love camping and kayaking. I’ve been practicing Taekwondo for 6 years. I also like hiking, skiing, weightlifting, and running (sometimes). I love to read. My favorite author is Neil Gaiman. I waited for 5 hours in Ann Arbor to get his autograph.

I’m trying to commit to a healthy lifestyle and become fit. I also want to be a legit outdoorsperson and not just a chick who owns hiking boots and SPF 50 trail shirts.

Things I care about and support:

The environment

Being kind to all animals

Gay rights and gender equality


Buying local and organic

Separation of church and state


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