My First Post! Why am I writing a blog?


I did it; I’ve created a blog. There are many reasons, among them are:

I love reading blogs, and I follow tons of them. I probably spend way more time on them than I should. With a little practice, I know I can write many decent blog posts.

I already make lots of records and notes for myself. When I go on a trip, I make notes on the accommodations, attractions, public transportation, restaurants, costs, etc. I log my run times, cardio sessions, and weightlifting sessions. I track my weight. Making checklists for trips and activities is second nature to me. I routinely label and date food items, household items, accessories, the vaccum filter, etc. I’m messy as f*ck, but I can keep track and organize information like no one’s business.

I’m a photo whore. All you have to do is look cute and I’ll whip out the iPhone camera for you.

Sometimes the little comment box on Facebook isn’t enough. I have thoughts, you guys, and many feels.

I like to create and design content. No, I didn’t design this website (thank you wordpress), but I like to write essays on topics I’m interested in and find pictures that go with it. I think it’ll be like scrapbooking without the glue.

I have this compulsion to chronicle. The most interesting parts of my life, anyway.

Lez do this shyt.